How to Craft the Perfect Tea Connection

In Sweden, this moment has a name I love, fika, (pronounced fee-ka). It roughly translates to coffee break but encapsulates so much more. The moment where folks gather to savor a coffee or a tea and a sweet treat. To make a purposeful redirection in the day. Fueled as much by the connections being made as it is the drink or sweets.

Talk to any Swede who has moved abroad or anyone who has visited Sweden, and they’ll tell you all about how wonderful fika is and how you should be doing more of it.

This tradition is very similar in France. While there’s not a glamorous name, “taking a cafe” is any time of day, and often a multiple times a day activity. You may be invited to have a cafe or two to get the day started with a morning gathering. Just as easily afternoon and evening cafes are equally common.

Crafting time for connection

To take time to share a tea and a snack is to affirm the good life. Amid the endless meetings, deadlines, and constant hustle, pausing is a revolutionary and necessary act of kindness – to friends, coworkers, and to yourself. It’s about slowing down and taking a moment to just breathe and connect.

Take five minutes, or languish a bit longer, and introduce a fika of your own. Set out a plate of sweets and brew a pot of Jasmine Bliss tea at the office. It’s the quickest way to get others to join you. No matter the company or the setting, equip yourself with your favorite tea in your favorite cup, a bite to eat and put the phone in the metaphorical Do Not Disturb mode.

No one will plan this restorative session for you. Seize the day and make it happen. Once you do, stay there in the moment, be present, and enjoy a laugh in good company. Bonus points for hijacking the next team standup, I promise I won’t tell!

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