Welcome to Swanky Tea for the Swanky Life!

Hi, I'm Karine, the founder of Swanky Tea. I'm so grateful you stopped by. 

I'm always on the lookout for ways to feel better, faster, and regularly revamping parts of my wellness routine is an integral part of that. If you’re anything like me, when you find a moment to reflect and unwind, you do it with a cup of tea in your hand. Tea can awaken us, refresh us, warm us and center us. Because I’ve long struggled with autoimmune conditions, I often find it challenging to buy commercial products with ingredients I understand and that will help me to maintain peak wellness. I am highly sensitive to metals, preservatives, and chemicals often found in foods and beverages which makes buying tea off the shelf a challenge.

In 2018, I went on a weekend retreat that included a life-changing tea cleanse routine. I would actually call it more of a path to a wellness routine. However you feel about tea, there's no denying that this wonderful little plant is naturally packed with so many good-for-you elements.

But did you know that the essence of the routine is in really knowing how and when to incorporate tea into your day? In order for you to get the maximum benefits and cleanse your body of built-up toxins and metals, there is an optimal formula to follow. You’ll find that it’s actually non-intrusive and are some super simple health swaps to make!

The morning starts with a refreshing tea such as Ginger, Acai or Guarana with citrus.  Green tea is a staple throughout the day, but the two most important times are 30 minutes prior and immediately following a meal. This ancient Chinese secret produced digestive benefits that were almost immediate for me! Lastly, was a Chamomile blend to begin the end of day wind down an hour before going to sleep. You probably already know that chamomile tea can help induce sleep but it also helps to strip away the stress hormones in our bodies, as well as reduces the body’s ability to store fat.

What's cool about wellness tea (as opposed to, you know, tea) is that the blends are often more colorful or textured than your average tea bag — with ingredients like rosehips, dried guava, or orange peels mixed in with the tea leaves you're used to. This, in turn, makes for a more vibrant and potentially more mindful tea-drinking experience — opening the door to transforming your daily wellness practice.

Find the recommended routine here. I was amazed at how long-lasting the effects were, both with giving me more energy and making me feel an inner calm. You can imagine my dismay to learn that the spa’s tea blends were proprietary, but happily, the spa owners connected me directly with the blend creator.

That's when I discovered that incredible teas are made not only in Asia or Europe--there are some phenomenal tea importers and blenders right here in the US. That’s also the moment when my bold idea to create Swanky Tea was born. Being an avid traveler, I love experiencing amazing new cultures. It's often through tea that I bring those memories home. I'm really excited to combine my love of tea with these regenerative wellness tea blends and share them with you through Swanky Tea.

Wellness teas take the naturally-occurring aspects of tea one step further by incorporating herbs, spices, and other ingredients that you wouldn't find in your run of the mill grocery store blend to boost the beverage's health benefits.  Following months of research, tasting, and tweaking in formulations, I'm excited to share the Swanky Tea wellness collection with you. I invite you to drink and savor them in and experience all of the incredible benefits of tea for yourself as part of your self-care routine.

Swanky Tea was created with a singular goal in mind: To curate a collection of premium specialty whole leaf Tea with Intention--tea that will not only become a holistic staple in your self-care routine but will taste so incredible it will convince you to kick the can that we so often reach to for convenience!

Over the years I’ve learned first-hand what a natural, healing and self-care role tea plays in my life. I'm very excited to see that the specialty tea sector has made huge strides over the past several years, in shaping a sophisticated and thriving tea renaissance in the US as more and more people pass on the high-calorie sugary beverages and make intentional healthy choices.

Are you seeking to incorporate the health benefits of tea into your daily life, or choose your tea more intentionally? Swanky Tea wellness blends are a comprehensive line of organic teas blended with fresh herbs and botanicals. The blends are primarily herbal, with tons of antioxidants and lower caffeine levels. Best of all, they are blended in small batches for the ultimate in taste and freshness.

Enjoy them hot or iced, with a recommended serving size of three to five cups daily. They are sustainably and responsibly sourced and packaged in biodegradable sachets so you can feel confident that your tea is good for both you and the environment.

In addition to providing the purest selection of whole leaf teas and tea blends, the entire Swanky Tea collection is developed with a comprehensive focus on fair trade sustainability and transparency right here in the USA.

So whether you're looking to give your wellness practice a bit of a boost, or are looking for something a little more interesting to drink once you've had enough coffee for the day, wellness tea could be just the thing you need to upgrade your tea-drinking

I look forward to having you along on this journey of health and wellbeing one sip at a time and I invite you into My Swanky Life.