Hikari Single Origin Ceremonial Matcha - 30g

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The Hikari single-origin Ceremonial Matcha is ground from hand-picked tea leaves of the green tea shrub, grown in the hills of Kikugawa, Shizouka Prefecture, Japan. While many matcha products are matcha blends or mixed with green tea, Matchaful’s single-origin matcha is the real deal. The powder is 100% authentic matcha, ground from first-harvest tea leaves grown on a single farm because we believe you should know where your matcha’s been and the journey it took to get to you.

The Flavor:

Walnut | Lemon | Butter

A smooth, creamy taste.

The method:

Use a bamboo whisk to vigorously blend matcha with water and/or a splash of milk (I prefer unsweetened, organic almond milk)

Recommended preparation: Matcha Americano


  • Warm 8oz of spring water to 180 degrees
  • Sift a 1/2 tsp over 1.5oz warm water in a mug or bowl and whisk briskly
  • Pour remaining water into matcha concentrate and enjoy.


  • Grab your favorite shaker, travel tumbler or mason jar + lid
  • Scoop a heaping 1/2 tsp matcha into the shaker
  • Add water and ice
  • Shake vigorously and enjoy.